Images are playing an increasingly important role in shaping purchasing decisions. Purchasing decisions are made either very quickly or after careful consideration and comparison. In either case, images are extremely important. A good picture stops even the most hurried person browsing the Internet or social media, and quickly tells the consumer everything fundamental, and hopefully even a little more. A consumer who likes to compare needs product images about the different features of the product, and atmospheric images to communicate about the use of the product and the feelings that it engenders. A good picture also creates a reliable image of the brand.

A product’s brand is its added value and soul. In brand marketing, strategically considered images are systematically utilised in all channels: in packaging, retail outlets, brochures, websites, online stores, social media, advertising and at fairs. A good brand and its imagery require work and visibility.

Atmospheric brand images create feeling and tell how the product is used. They can improve the customer experience, create mental pictures and ideas around the product, and increase its value. Through brand images, it is also possible for someone to identify with the product when they can clearly see it as part of their own life. A product offered through images is no longer just a commodity, but has a story and arouses emotions and thoughts in its viewers. The product also becomes important on an emotional level. And people want to buy it.

We help our customers in their marketing work by offering high-quality product- and atmospheric brand images of our products. Pictures are increasingly being needed for marketing in different channels, and the importance of online retail is increasing. Not to mention social media advertising. A feeling of experiencing the product can even be created in retail outlets by taking advantage of top-quality atmospheric images.

As our customer, you can download the images from our B2B web store using the product codes, and also without a username or password at, or you can send an e-mail to