Description of Tammer Brands consumer service’s personal data file and data protection principles

This personal data file sets out the data processing principles of the consumer and complaints service aimed at Tammer Brands consumer customers in accordance with section 10 of the Personal Data Act (Henkilötietolaki 523/1999), and also acts as a wider, general statement of data protection principles.

Version, author and reviewer details, and period of validity

Version 2016041100

Compiled by: Kyuu Eturautti
Reviewed by: Erika Haarla, Alpo Herrainsilta

Valid from: 10 May 2016

Controller data

Tammer Brands Oy
Viinikankatu 36
33800 Tampere, Finland

Tel.: +358 (0)3 2521 111

Data Security Manager Kyuu Eturautti is responsible for data protection matters.

Name and purpose of data file

Tammer Brands consumer service information system. The system is used to individually process consumer enquiries and complaints concerning brands represented by Tammer Brands, and for product development and quality control overall.

The consumer service is not outsourced and Tammer Brands bears responsibility for the service.

The system is not used for marketing purposes.

Data content and sources of data

The data content consists of data submitted by consumer customers using an online form, by e-mail, post or telephone. Name, telephone number, e-mail address and street address details are all considered to be personal data. In cases of complaints, information about the product, purchasing location and date and free-form additional information and any possible photographs are also personal data. Data is processed as a single entity.

Protection and principles of data processed

Data is processed in Tammer Brands Oy’s own information systems, which are located on the company’s own premises. The logical data location is appropriately protected using modern access control systems. The data’s physical locations are protected using efficient access control and theft prevention systems.

Consumer communication data is only available for use by consumer service personnel. Personal data is processed as absolutely confidential, involving only the necessary communication with the consumer.

If a consumer contact requires further processing of a matter with a product manufacturer or other third party relating to the product, the consumer’s personal data will not be forwarded on to this party. If contact between the consumer and a third party is necessary, the consumer’s permission must be sought first.

Data storage time, statistics and data transfer

Full contact data (see data content) is primarily stored for a maximum of three calendar years. An exception can be made for a longer, but not permanent, storage time in cases wherein legislation requires longer storage to comply with e.g. regulations concerning liability for products and defects or to ensure product liability or consumer protection.

Throughout the full duration of the personal data storage time, short-term statistics for internal use and surveys for quality control and customer service development purposes may be drawn up based on contacts. Third-party survey systems may be used in the technical implementation of any surveys within the framework of the terms of this document. Responses to surveys are voluntary, they will not lead to the wider storage of contact details, and a maximum of two surveys per contact with Tammer Brands is permitted. Any third party implementing surveys is responsible for ensuring that contact details are only stored in their system for the time absolutely necessary for the implementation of the survey.

After the deadline for the storage of full contact data, precise personal data will be removed from the system, whereupon it will not be possible to directly or indirectly identify the person who made contact from the data which is stored permanently. At this point, the name, telephone number, e-mail address and address details will be removed from the personal contact data, with the exception of the postal code which will be stored for statistical purposes. The remaining data will be used for long-term statistical purposes, product development and quality control.

Personal data will not be transferred outside of Finland, nor to systems located in Finland but owned by companies outside of the EU. Customer data will not be disclosed to third parties; only by request to authorities with the relevant permissions.

Making changes

Any possible changes to this personal data file which affect the consumer’s status or the processing of their data will only apply to contact made after the change comes into effect. These changes will not be applied retrospectively.

Changes which do not affect consumers’ status or the processing of their data may also be made retrospectively. Changes to e.g. Tammer Brands contact details are considered to be such changes.

Other retrospective changes, or other changes to the principles of this document pertaining to data storage are only possible in cases wherein Finnish legislation unambiguously requires them.

Feedback and disputes

We are glad to receive feedback and suggestions for the development of our consumer service, personal data processing principles or this personal data file. muu

Any possible disputes will be dealt with at the Tampere District Court.

Change of company name

This document has been updated on March 19th 2019 to reflect the new name of the company, Tammer Brands Oy, replacing the old name Tammer-Tukku oy. The data security principles have not been altered.