Christmas time is a perfect time to remember the importance of the responsible trading. We feel that, as being a significant player, we have a social obligation to work and act according to the principles of responsibility. We work to ensure responsibility and product safety in our everyday choices. We want to be actively involved in the development of responsible work and production.

Care for the environment is the duty of each one of us. Where possible, we choose products that have been manufactured from renewable or recycled raw materials, and that are recyclable themselves. We take responsibility for the life cycle of our products. Our network of partners already contains many companies that use recycled materials in their products, and we are constantly investigating innovations based on sustainable development and partners involved in them.

It is important for us that our products are manufactured under conditions accordance with our values, and that workers’ rights are respected in our purchasing chain. Our aim is not only to monitor working conditions but also to encourage our suppliers to constantly make their own operations more responsible.

We participate in Amfori BSCI, a network of companies whose objective is to improve working conditions in the international purchasing chain and to harmonise the monitoring of suppliers. The Amfori BSCI system is based on UN and ILO conventions on human rights and working conditions. An important part of the system is factory audits carried out by third parties. The model for continuous improvement contained in Amfori BSCI makes the system a suitable tool that we can use to improve the social performance of our supply chain.

We wish everyone a responsible, safe and equal Christmas!