Not all sustainability impacts of a product are defined during the product design or manufacturing phase only. Even when the product is in use, there are opportunities to influence its environmental impact. A sustainable product is used regularly and has a long service life.


Our goal is for our products to be long-lasting and easy to use. We define a quality level for our products and ensure their safety. In addition to this, we can use packaging information and user manuals to help consumers pick the right product and use and maintain it correctly. Our warehouse includes our product support department and spare part service who help and advice our customers during the product’s lifecycle and allow the product to be as long-lived as possible.


Tammer Brands’ product support, customer service and parts department serve our business and consumer customers with our products and provide lifecycle support for our products.

We receive enquiries about usage, spare parts and product enquiries. Product feedback is very valuable to us and we welcome it for product development purposes.

Summer is our busiest time and we ask for patience from our customers as processing times are slightly extended. Based on the feedback we have received, we are very proud to be able to offer such a wide range of product support and a comprehensive spare parts service for our products, thus extending the life of our products.

We can be contacted by email ( and by phone on +358 3 252 1503. Our call centre is open weekdays Mon-Fri 9am-12am. You can also contact us via our product feedback form, which is a handy way to record all the information needed to deal with your request.