Tammer-Tukku has been on a long and successful journey to become one of Northern Europe`s leading consumer product companies. As a result of our single-minded operations and development, the time has also come to revamp our corporate brand – Tammer-Tukku is nor Tammer Brands.

Tammer Brands is a strongly international company with a global purchasing network and a customer base covering the whole of Northern Europe. We proudly stand behind our products and are part of the everyday life of consumers. We are motivated by improving people’s quality of life through easily available, well thought-out and diverse products that bring joy and benefit to the end-users.

We look purposefully forward in our operations and see opportunities to grow and become even better, so we have now also brightened up our own brand. We endeavour to view our development curve as far into the future as possible. We must stay alert and develop our own operations. Change is inevitable and must be managed.

The change to our corporate image and name are a natural part of our development path. The positive, stable and responsible family business culture will continue. Our way of trading continues to be based on mutual trust, long-lasting partnerships and the solving of customers’ problems. We are a reliable partner and we solve the consumer problems of today by genuinely improving quality of life through functional products. Our long-term goal is to continue to profitably strengthen our position as a pioneer that respects its customers and consumers.

Success is built on efficient cooperation. We are therefore continuing the journey towards new success stories, both with new partners and those that we have got to know over the years, cherishing and revamping the operating models and strong cooperation that have been proven to work, and supporting each other as we face the world together.

Contact persons, VAT, contracts and terms remain unchanged.