Buoyed by a growth in international business and webstore customer relationships, we are investing €15 million in the expansion of our logistics centre.

“As a family-owned company, we examine our operations with a view to the long term, and in order to enable the continuity of our growth, we have decided to increase our logistics capacity. This investment will further strengthen our significant role on the Northern European consumer goods market,” says the CEO, Zachary Mäenpää.

Particular drivers behind the investment include an increase in sales of the company’s best-known brands, a sharp rise in the demand for exports, and responding to future customer expectations.

“With this investment, we are also responding to the significant increase in the number of omnichannel operators in our customer base both in Finland and in neighbouring markets,” says Commercial Director Vesa Mäenpää of the change in the industry. “Our growth has been somewhat hindered by insufficient capacity, particularly in logistics, and this investment will allow us to take the next big step in our operations.”

The project plan in brief:

  • Total value of the investment €15 million.
  • The degree of automation in the logistics centre’s operations will rise significantly through investment into next-generation logistics automation.
  • Significant improvements to the building’s overall energy efficiency (incl. geothermal heat).
  • Target schedule for expansion 09/2019 – 05/2020.

The Tammer Brands logistics centre in brief:

  • In 2005, all logistics operations were centralised in a 20,000 m² logistics centre in Moreeni, Hämeenlinna, Finland.
  • In 2011, the logistics centre was expanded by 10,000 m².
  • In 2019, the logistics centre was expanded by 15,000 m².
  • Logistics centres owned by other significant actors in the industry are located in the same area: e.g. Fiskars Group and Etola Yhtiöt.

Further information: Vesa Mäenpää +358 40 529 0211, vesa.maenpaa@tammerbrands.fi, Commercial Director, Tammer Brands Oy