The Christmas season sounds like jingle bells and tastes sweet. There are lovely scents and winter magic in the air. Your home is filled with warmth and a beautiful winter atmosphere. The season is full of festivity and sparkle, but also peace and time together. Getting in the mood starts early and the winter home invites you to escape the frost even when the spring sun is still shining on the snowy slopes.

Winteria is a collection of winter home textiles, home decor, decorations, household items, Christmas decorations, gift packaging – and a piece of the mystical North. Old classics and trendy new additions ensure a successful festive season for all tastes. Find out more about Winteria.

As a tip for stunning table settings, ornament rack for table. Use the brand images in your own marketing. You will find the rack in the TB24h webstore under product code 600167. See also Winteria’s full media gallery.

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