Principles for social media campaigns organized by Tammer Brands.

This document defines the basic principles for consumer targeted, limited time campaigns organized on social media platforms by Tammer Brands.

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Tammer Brands (company) organizes competitions, drawings and other campaigns on social media platforms as part of its marketing and promotion of various brands it represents. The campaigns are targeted for consumer customers (customers) located within the European Union and they require whom explicitly wish to take part in the campaign in question. Customers will not be entered into campaigns automatically, without their specific case-by-case consent.

Limitations of participation

Unless explicitly otherwise noted in campaign specific rules, the following limitations apply for all social media campaigns. The campaigns are open for all people over 13 years of age who are legal residents of a European Union country at the time of entering the campaign. Excluded are company staff and their family members, as well as the staff and family members of any other organizations taking direct part in organizing the campaign.

Methods of data processing

Customer information will be processed within the systems of the social media platform in question, with the methods and principles of each respective platform. The company does not keep a separate register of campaign participants outside the platform, nor will it store a permanent full list of participants on any of its own systems.

The full list of participants may be stored on the company’s systems temporarily, for a maximum time of three months, should the campaign require this. These requirements may include, for example, holding a prize drawing or contacting participants for further details. The information is only processed by a specific, case-by-case defined person and it will be deleted after three months automatically. The information will not be used for marketing or other purposes and will not be disclosed to third parties, with the exception of legally binding requests from public officials.

In the case of a campaign including prize items, the information of prize winners will be stored in the company’s systems to ensure warranty and other legal obligations according to our consumer service data protection principles.

It is possible to take part in any of our social media campaigns without an account to the social media service in question, by sending the required information via email to the address In these cases, the information will be stored according to our consumer campaign data principles.

Information that may be published

Personal information of the campaign winner(s) can be published as part of brand marketing in the form in which the participant has provided their information publically on their social media profile or in the participation e-mail.

If the competition includes sending creative work, such as a photograph, the company receives the right to publish this work as part of post-campaign marketing purposes. The company will advertise the name of the creator in the format that the creator has chosen when sending in the work. The creator retains copyrights to the work. Further publishing and other rights to the creative work will be discussed mutually with the creator on a case-by-case basis.

Responsibility issues, incorrect information and force majeure exceptions

The company takes responsibility of paying lottery taxes when applicable. The company may not be held responsible for problems caused by technology malfunctions or other obstacles preventing entry to the campaign or receiving the prize.

The customer is responsible for providing correct contact and other information, and the company is not required to verify information provided by the customer. If information is brought to the company’s attention about purposefully providing wrongful information, disobeying campaign rules or other foul play, the customer entry in question may be removed from the campaign.

If the company is required to make changes to the campaign rules while it is active, these changes will be highlighted on the social media platform in question. All current participants will be informed of these changes directly, if the social media platform’s tools provide functionality for this.

Relationship with the social media platform

Consumers participating in these campaigns must operate the social media platforms according to the terms of use of whichever platform in question, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. The campaign is not sponsored, endorsed or operated by the social media platform.


We welcome any feedback and suggestions for our consumer campaigns, our data security principles or this document.